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Master Dressage by Peter Dove, New Edition

Master Dressage by Peter Dove, New Edition

Master Dressage, New Edition: Ride More Beautiful Tests, Achieve Higher Marks and Have a Better Relationship with Your Horse. By Peter Dove. Using the steps of accuracy, fluidity, understanding, practice and review, Master Dressage gives readers a clear framework on which to build confidence in their approach to riding, training and competing. The first edition of this book, published privately, was a great success and ranked amongst the top best-sellers on Amazon, garnering five-star reviews. Its popularity stemmed from the author's easy-to-understand language, clear diagrams and photographs, and overall philosophy of communication, empathy and skill development. These aspects are all retained in this revised edition, which has been expanded to include chapters on groundwork and rider fitness. Read more...

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Author, Peter Dove has been riding, teaching, and studying dressage for over 25 years and has developed a systematic way of explaining how riders can improve their competition results. Following his Five-Step System, you can start mastering dressage from Day One! The steps reveal where you may be losing valuable points in your tests and will help you acquire the understanding needed to improve your scores. Completely revised and expanded, Master Dressage, New Edition includes chapters on groundwork and rider fitness, along with new color photographs and diagrams, and guest chapters from Mary Wanless, Jo Cooper, Sue Palmer and Demelza Hawes.

    The Five Steps:
  1. Accuracy: Learn how riding more accurate, balanced tests and arena figures can help you earn more points in competitions, while promoting your horse's best performance.
  2. Fluidity: Improving the fluidity of your ride can enhance the appearance and suppleness of your horse. Learn how to correctly prepare your horse for each movement and produce a beautiful test.
  3. Understanding: Increase your understanding of dressage test movements and their purpose. Learn what judges are looking for and what each movement is meant to demonstrate. Discover how to avoid common rider traps and bust some of the typical myths in dressage.
  4. Practice: Learn what to practice and in what order. Have you ever entered the arena to school your horse not certain where to start or what to do? Have you ever hit a major roadblock while training? This section not only tells you what you should be practicing, but how to go about it and what to do when you get into trouble.
  5. Review: Acquire the tools to properly review your progress. Learn how to understand judges' comments and how to alter your practice routines for greater improvement.

Kenilworth Press

Paperback, 192 Pages.

ISBN: 9781910016084

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