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E.A. Mattes Sheepskin Correction Dressage Half Pad


E.A. Mattes Sheepskin Correction Dressage Half Pad

Item #: X1-19287
Our Guarantee

The Mattes  Sheepskin Correction Dressage Half Pad has four pockets, two in front and two in back, to hold Poly-Flex® Shims that can be inserted to customize the way a saddle sits on a horse. A full set of full set of Poly-Flex shims is included with the pad: six front and six back. Only 5mm thick, each shim can be layered or trimmed for desired results.

This half pad has underside panels made of high-quality merino sheepskin. The dense fibers mold perfectly to your horse while providing natural moisture wicking and breathability. The quilted cotton top has a classic look, and the contoured cut provides a comfortable fit over the withers.

With the assistance and recommendation of a qualified saddle fitter, shims can help adjust the fit of a saddle on an asymmetrical horse or help fit a saddle that may sit a little low or may be slightly too big. Shims or inserts will not help the fit of a saddle that is too tight, and in fact can make the tight fit worse.

If you would like help concerning shims/inserts and correction pads, customer service representatives in our call center and retail associates in our stores are trained and eager to help.


This pad can be machine washed with MELP® and air dried. Remove shims prior to washing.
22.5" with trim, 20 without; 9" drop.