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E.A. Mattes Sheepskin All-Purpose Half Pad


E.A. Mattes Sheepskin All-Purpose Half Pad

All Purpose
Item #: X1-19130
Our Guarantee

The E.A. Mattes All-Purpose Half Pad is shaped to fit beautifully along your horse’s back and under a close contact jump or all-purpose saddle. It features a durable, classic, quilted cotton top and premium quality sheepskin fleece panels. The dense fibers placed toward your horse naturally wick moisture, absorb shock, promote air circulation and mold to the contours of your horse.

Made from only the finest sheepskin available, the panels are assembled without seams to prevent rubbing. The patented Spine-Free® design creates a channel between the panels to avoid interference with the horse’s spinal processes. A thin layer of Poly-Flex® between the quilting and sheepskin offers additional shock absorption. The pommel of this pad has a luxurious sheepskin detail to help support your saddle. Adjustable billet straps add security.

Made in Poland.
Machine wash with liquid Melp. Dry naturally away from heat sources and sun, pulling pad into shape while drying. Brush fleece fibers gently to restore loft. See manufacturer's label for detailed care instructions.
23.5" spine with trim, 19.5" without; 9.5" drop.