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Mattes Liquid Melp Sheepskin Cleaner

Mattes Liquid Melp Sheepskin Cleaner

Item #: X1-19331
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MELP Liquid Sheepskin Cleaner from Mattes is a specially formulated detergent that is highly recommended for restoring the natural properties of lamb and sheepskin products. Not only will it provide a thorough, gentle cleaning and leave the wool fluffy and soft, MELP is the only sheepskin cleaner on the market specifically designed to regrease the hide and restore its elasticity.

Using MELP can help extend the life and quality of your sheepskin pads, half pads, girth covers and any equestrian product made with wool, washable leather or sheepskin. This highly concentrated formula is biodegradable and suitable for machine or hand washing.

E.A. Mattes is the world’s leading sheepskin products company since 1867.