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The Rambo® Micklem® Original Multibridle

Colors/Options: Black Brown
Rambo Micklem

The Rambo® Micklem® Original Multibridle

The Rambo® Micklem Original Multibridle can be used as a bitted bridle, a bit-free bridle, a lunge caveson and even as a halter with just a few small adjustments. With medium bitless strap only.

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Item #: X1-12672
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The Rambo® Micklem® Original Multibridle combines several pieces of equipment into one. With a few small adjustments, it can easily be adapted to the training requirements of most horses and riders.

The Micklem Multibridle design is guided by the shape of the horse’s skull rather than the outward appearance of the horse’s head. Straps are positioned to hold the bridle in a comfortable position, avoiding fragile facial bones, facial nerves, protruding upper jaw and molars. The design also reduces shifting.

Comfort features include a padded single crownpiece and straps that stay put and reduce pressure points. Reins are sold separately.

Note: In the United States, the Micklem Multiridle includes the medium bitless strap only. The long bitless strap shown in other advertisements and videos is not available for sale in the U.S. or from Dover Saddlery. The long bitless strap will not be included with your Micklem Multibridle.