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Mikmar Dressage Comfort Girth

Mikmar Dressage Comfort Girth

Item #: X1-02878
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The Mikmar Dressage Comfort Girth was developed to allow the horse great freedom of movement. Its design incorporates a technical material made in cooperation with a major medical textile company in France, which is used to create the center Gibaud panel. This elasticized panel distributes pressure more widely over the girth area and reduces the risk of pinching or chafing behind the elbows. Increased comfort helps improve performance by enabling the horse to breathe more freely, allowing the ribs to expand and contract without restriction.

The panel is lined with a natural nonslip alveolar rubber and is positioned over the horse’s sternum to keep the saddle centered and secure and prevent it from slipping. The addition of a special strap interwoven between the Gibaud fabric helps prevents the rider from over-tightening the elastic.

This girth features high-quality padded leather, roller buckles and attractive stitching resulting in an elegant appearance and durability.