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Neue Schule Warmblood Weymouth Test Bit - 14 mm; 7 cm shanks

Neue Schule

Neue Schule Warmblood Weymouth Test Bit - 14 mm; 7 cm shanks

Neue Schule Warmblood Weymouth Bit helps quiet the busy mouth and can eradicate tongue evasions as it offers tongue relief. Well suited to horses with a short, tense neck or tendency to go behind the vertical, it is often used with a Verbindend bradoon. Comes with curb chain.

Limit 2 test bits per trial period.

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Test Bit
Item #: X1-0BR10057
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Neue Schule Warmblood Weymouth Bit has a 14 mm Salox® Gold ported mouthpiece and 7 cm stainless steel shanks. The design of this bit helps quiet the busy mouth, often eradicating tongue evasions by offering tongue relief. It helps with outline and is suited to assist with the short tense neck (behind the vertical). This curb bit is often paired with the Verbindend bradoon. Includes curb chain.

Salox Gold mouthpiece metal is a high copper alloy specifically formulated to reach rapidly and maintain the temperature of a horse’s mouth, and thereby encourage bit acceptance.

The Test Bit fee is $15.95, plus shipping. Test Bits may be used for a two-week trial period, then either purchased or returned. A $15.95 credit will be applied to the purchase price should you decide to keep the bit. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

5" (127 mm), 5.25" (133 mm), 5.5" (140 mm), 5.75" (146 mm), 6" (152 mm).