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Omega Fields® Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar & Starch


Omega Fields® Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar & Starch

Item #: X1-220513
Our Guarantee

Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar & Starch formula by Omega Fields® is an all-natural, peppermint-flavored supplement in the form of heart-shaped horse treats. These perfectly sized treats are low in non-structural carbohydrates: 6.7% sugar and 7.4% starch (63% less sugar & starch than original Omega Nibblers).

They also contain the best ratio of the full spectrum of natural omega essential fatty acids, higher in omega-3 and -9 and lower in omega-6. Exceptional quality stabilized ground flaxseed helps promote health hooves, skin/coat, joints and overall wellbeing. Appropriate for horses in all life stages. No artificial preservatives.

Feed 15 Omega Nibblers treats per day as an alternative to ½ cup Omega Horseshine® for a 1,200 pound horse.

3.5 pounds.