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Otto Schumacher Bellevue Snaffle Bridle

Otto Schumacher Bellevue Snaffle Bridle

Item #: X1-120791A
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The beautifully appointed Otto Schumacher Bellevue Snaffle Bridle features a chocolate patent leather noseband with cappuccino padding and brown crystal trim. Designed for comfort, the noseband is fully padded, including under the crank closure.

Small quartz and topaz crystals sparkle on the U-shaped browband. Single crownpiece is cut to avoid pressure on the horse’s ears and has discreet leather padding. Rolled leather cheek pieces and throatlatch add refined style. Stainless steel fittings. Comes with web reins.

Key features:

  • Single padded crown with comfort shape.
  • Quarts and topaz crystals on brow.
  • Chocolate patent leather on noseband.
  • Rolled leather cheeks and throatlatch.
  • Web reins included.

Made in Germany.