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Ovation® Luxor Cushion-Flex Halter


Ovation® Luxor Cushion-Flex Halter

Item #: X1-05529
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This Ovation® Luxor Cushion-Flex Halter combines materials in a practical, comfortable and smart-looking design. Primarily constructed from webbing, it features an ergonomic, padded leather crownpiece shaped to avoid the ears and distribute pressure over the poll. Leather padding also lines the cheeks, bridge of nose, throatlatch and jaw strap. 

Key features:

  • Ergonomic leather crown.
  • Padding in areas of contact.
  • Double-buckle crown.
  • Adjustable chin.
  • Throat snap.
  • Brass fittings.

Note: Leather on this halter is not considered a breakaway feature. 


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