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PastureDry™ Mud Eliminator

PastureDry™ Mud Eliminator

PastureDry™ Mud Eliminator is an easy-to-use agricultural product developed to enhance and improve land and animal health. It can be added to any type of soil and is especially helpful in resolving muddy soil in paddocks, dirt driveways or roads, high-traffic barn entries or paddock gate areas. Gallon covers 1,000 to 4,000 square feet depending on depth/expanse of mud or mud puddles.

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Item #: X1-270217
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PastureDry™ Mud Eliminator is a safe, easy-to-use agricultural product developed to enhance and improve your land and the health of you and your animals. It was originally developed to correct soils contaminated by chemicals and unable to produce as they once did. PastureDry corrected those problems and brought the soil back from an acidic or alkaline condition to a neutral pH of 7. In so doing, it reduced fertilizer needs by up to 60% and reduced watering by 50% to 60%. 

PastureDry, a unique proprietary formula of agricultural minerals, can be used in any soil. Especially good to resolve muddy soil, it improves soil stability and penetrates deeply to aerate the soil. This allows water to percolate deep down and letting the top of the soil dry out.

PastureDry can help conditions in paddocks, dirt roads, the front of barns, gate areas where horses come and go, polo fields, all sports fields, racetracks and crop land. If there is soil, this product can be applied to it.

PastureDry™ for Muddy Applications

Once PastureDry is applied to muddy areas, you won’t have to worry about mud again. If you contaminate your soil with chemicals, manure or other organic materials, you might have to treat your soil sometime in the future. One way to make sure your soil remains healthy is to use an organic fertilizer and use PastureDry on a regular basis if you notice standing water. Because of its ability to change the structure of the soil, including clay and hardpan, it creates natural aeration, allowing for better percolation, deeper penetration of water and nutrients and deeper root growth for plants. All these benefits mean a healthier soil with more stability and a better growing medium.

Key benefits:

  • No heavy equipment needed to apply.
  • No excavation needed for successful soil improvement.
  • No time-consuming digging or rototilling needed.
  • No special materials such as gravel, sand or stone needed.
  • No plastic or rubber grid systems needed.

For smaller areas (10,000 to 15,000 square feet), PastureDry can be spread quickly and easily with a hose-end sprayer from any hardware store.

For larger areas, a tank on the back of a gator or tractor can be used and for really, large areas a water truck can be used. 

Made in USA.
Gallon (128 ounces). Covers from 1,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet depending on the depth and expanse of mud or mud puddles.