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Peak Performance Nutrients™ Perfect Balance Electrolite™

Perfect Balance™

Peak Performance Nutrients™ Perfect Balance Electrolite™

Item #: X1-2241
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Perfect Balance Electrolite from Peak Performance Nutrients™ is formulated to match the proportion of electrolytes lost as a horse perspires. Free of fillers and sugars, it helps restore an accurate electrolyte balance and promotes efficient absorption in all horses. This formula helps support rapid rehydration by including proper levels of sodium, potassium, chloride, sulfate, magnesium, calcium and chelated minerals in a highly concentrated and effective formula. Additionally, horses that have trouble sweating (anhydrosis) may benefit from receiving this balanced electrolyte. 

Perfect for rehydration before and after strenuous exercise, it’s made with high-quality, food-grade ingredients. Perfect Balance Electrolite:

• Will not upset stomach.

• Offers concentrated chloride levels.

• Includes chelated minerals for optimal absorption by the body.

• Encourages horses to drink water.

• Is free of sugar, fillers, dextrose and Bicarbonate.

Ingredients: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, magnesium amino acid chelate, zinc citrate, copper gluconate, manganese amino acid chelate, vitamin D3.

For daily use, feed 1 serving (2 scoops) per day per horse as a top dressing on feed or as directed by your veterinarian.

For hot weather or moderate to heavy work: in addition to the daily serving, feed 1 serving (2 scoops) on feed following competition or training session.

2.5 pound powder.