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Fleeceworks™ Perfect Balance Wool Half Pad

Fleeceworks™ Perfect Balance Wool Half Pad

Item #: X1-19864
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The Fleeceworks™ Perfect Balance Wool Half Pad is designed for use with Fleeceworks front, rear or full visco inserts. This pad comes with one set of removable 1/2" full visco foam inserts that provide protection for your horse’s back.

Visco foam evens out minor saddle contact issues as it contours to your horse’s topline. Front pockets in the pad are designed to accommodate shimmable visco wither inserts (sold separately). Pockets in the rear of the pad will hold shimmable Visco back risers (also sold separately). The inserts can help adjust the fit of a saddle on an asymmetrical horse or help fit a saddle that may sit a little low or may be slightly too big. Shims or inserts will not help the fit of a saddle that is too tight, and in fact can make the tight fit worse.

If you would like help ordering shims/inserts and correction pads, customer service representatives in our call center and retail associates in our stores are trained and eager to help.

Brushing restores the original appearance of this pad after washing. Fleeceworks took the same wool used in their sheepskin pads and wove it onto a poly-acrylic backing. Considered a sustainable fiber versus a live fiber, the wool is durable, washable and protective. It remains soft and plush even after repeated washings, and brushing restores its original appearance.

Medium 16.5"-17"; Large 17.5"-18".