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Perfect Prep EQ Extreme Calming Paste

Perfect Prep EQ Extreme Calming Paste

Packaged in an easy-to-use oral syringe, Perfect Prep EQ Extreme Calming Paste is effective one hour after administration. It can be administered in small doses or by the entire tube, depending on situation. 80cc paste syringe.

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Item #: X1-22063
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Perfect Prep™ EQ Extreme Calming Paste uses natural ingredients to provide calming support for horses under stressful conditions. This highly concentrated formula is provided in an easy to use, 80 cc oral paste syringe.

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Perfect Prep EQ Training Day Extreme Paste

Ingredients: Ltryptophane, magnesium, thiamine, and inositol

Instructions for Use:
  • Horses generally respond to one 40 ml feeding, but excellent results are also reported on difficult horses when the entire 80 ml tube is administered 90 minutes prior to event. Effects last up to 6 hours.
  • If you are feeding Perfect Prep EQ Training Day and wish to quickly increase your quieting effect, one 40-80 ml feeding of Perfect Prep EQ Extreme 60 minutes prior to showing is reported to provide the desired effect on most horses. Feeding for effect may be repeated as needed