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Shires Pique Stock Tie

Colors/Options: White

Shires Pique Stock Tie

The Shires Pique Stock Tie is a nice addition to your competition wardrobe. This stock tie is made of finely ribbed knit fabric. It attaches to your show shirt with a button hole in the front and a slot in the back.

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Item #: X1-20721
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The Shires Piqué Stock Tie features classic cotton finely ribbed fabric that makes it soft and easy to tie. A buttonhole at the front and a slot at the back allows this traditional stock tie to fasten securely to your shirt.


Cotton piqué.

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Not many riders enjoy learning to tie the long tails of a stock tie into the traditional knot. But do you know practical reason for wearing stock ties? In the 19th century, hunters in the fields wore the stock ties as a safety measure. If a horse or rider got injured, the long strip of fabric could be used as a bandage, sling or tourniquet. The long stock tie pin was used to secure the bandage.
Sometimes getting a stock pin through the fabric of a stock tie can be a bit challenging. If you're having trouble, rub the side of the shaft of your pin against your scalp several times and try again. The point of the pin will most likely slip through the fabric with ease. Use safety pins to secure the tails of your stock tie to the front of your shirt. The safety pins will prevent the tails from flapping out of your coat as you ride.