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Riding Whips & Crops

A riding crop or dressage whip acts as a supplemental aid for a rider to use to encourage a horse to go forward, sideways, offer increased engagement and similar intentions. Light taps on a horse’s hindquarters, barrel or occasionally a shoulder are not intended as punishment, but rather to support the aids that a rider executes with his or her legs, seat and weight as necessary.

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Dover Saddlery is pleased to offer riding crops, bats, and dressage whips from all the most popular manufacturers, including Fleck®, Roma® and more. Custom options are available, too. Shop all our price points on these trusted brands — the cost of a bat or riding crop will depend on the materials and craftsmanship that go into its construction.

You’ll find the right brand, style, and design right here when you shop riding whips and crops. In hunter, jumper, cross-country and pleasure disciplines, a riding crop, jumper bat or show bat is commonly carried. Jumper or show bats come in lengths that start at a shorter measurement than crops, about 18" long, and go up in size to 26" long, with a few exceptions. A dressage whip is meant to hang down just behind the rider’s leg and to be used with light taps. The long handle of a dressage whip can be made of braided leather, a grippy synthetic, composite materials or even a gel — all designed to provide good hold. The handle, often topped by some sort of cap, can be a classic shape or formed ergonomically to fit a hand. Find even more brand and sizing information, learn more about crops, handles, and shafts, and find an array of styles and designs and measurements designed to compete within USEF rules right here at Dover Saddlery.