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WeatherBeeta® Stretch Eye Saver with Ears

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Colors/Options: Black/Black Hunter/Black Navy/Black Purple/Black

WeatherBeeta® Stretch Eye Saver with Ears

The unique and comfortable WeatherBeeta® Stretch Eye Saver with Ears has a soft, mesh screen panel for unobstructed vision and stretchy fabric for a better fit. This fly mask protects 68% of UV rays while it shields your horse's head from pesky bugs.

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Item #: X1-23139
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Pull on the WeatherBeeta® Stretch Eye Saver with Ears to protect your horse's eyes and ears from irritating insects, air-borne particles and harmful UV rays. Made of extremely lightweight, form-fitting, stretchy material, this fly mask conforms comfortably to your horse's head for a custom fit that's snug enough to prevent insects from getting inside. A see-through mesh screen panel billows out to avoid contact with the eyes; soft mesh protects the ears. This mask blocks up to 68% of harmful UV rays.

Soft mesh is 100% nylon.
Fly masks for horses keep flying insects that can spread disease out of your horse's eyes, and in some styles, out of his ears and off his muzzle. Use of a fly mask while your horse is turned out or being ridden can help reduce his discomfort and anxiety in fly season, eliminate head tossing and protect against UV rays—all while allowing his clear vision. Comfortable, protective and secure, fly masks are made of breathable mesh or a combination of mesh and mesh fabrics, and typically fasten with touch tape closures. Dover Saddlery offers a comprehensive selection of horse fly masks, fly bonnets and fly veils from all the leading manufactures.