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Royal Rider Carbon Flex Stirrups

Royal Rider Carbon Flex Stirrups

Item #: X1-07188
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The prestigious, unique and lightweight Royal Rider Carbon Flex Stirrup has beautiful hydrographic printing. Both classic and contemporary, this stirrup iron is made of techno polymer with carbon fiber reinforcement to guarantee strength while maintaining elasticity and rider comfort. It also adapts perfectly to high and low temperatures.

A sophisticated system of stainless steel tie rods positioned in the body of the iron provides flexibility, which is only enhanced by a covering of technical rubber. This design effectively reduces stress on the rider’s joints.

The bench is made of thicker stainless steel to make this practically indestructible iron look even brighter. It comes in black with a shiny hydrographic print finish and black rubber cover. Weighs 11.25 ounces. Pair.

Made in Italy.
Bar size: 4.75" x 2.5". Overall iron size: 6"' x 2.5" x 7".