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Safe-T-Tie Two-PACK

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Colors/Options: Black Dark Blue

Safe-T-Tie Two-PACK

Designed to help minimize injuries to tied horses or other animals, the Safe-T-Tie releases when enough pressure is applied. The Safe-T-Tie is portable, reusable and so much more elegant than a loop of baling twine. Five settings let you choose the level of resistance for every situation and every individual. 2-Pack.

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Item #: X1-27911
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The Safe-T-Tie helps minimize the risk of injury to a tied horse or any other animal by releasing when enough pressure is applied. Portable and reusable, the Safe-T-Tie is an easy-to-use alternative to hard tying—and it looks much more elegant on a trailer than a loop of baling twine! Five simple loop settings provide different levels of resistance, allowing you to customize a tie solution for every situation and each specific horse. Designed to be used anywhere you’d tie an animal, this attachment can also be used in a variety of other ways around your stable or home for hanging items and much more. Package of two ties.

4.25"H x 2.75"W.