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Superior Comfort & Elegant Style
Engineered by experts using premium materials and modern technologies, Samshield helmets deliver elegance, coverage and exceptional comfort. A discreet ventilation system promotes optimal airflow without detracting from sophisticated styling, and a clever headband eliminates uncomfortable pressure points.

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The Samshield Story

Samshield® was founded to create top-of-the-line helmets that blend modern technologies with elegance and exceptional comfort. Samshield creator, Sam Maloigne, established his vision in 2003 after taking up riding and being unsatisfied with the technical features and appearance of what was at the time the state-of-the-art helmet.

A former motorcross/supercross international professional pilot, Maloigne had experience with helmets. With his vision to create equestrian helmets with improved technical features, improved comfort and distinctive beauty, Maloigne put together a team to make the vision reality. The resulting helmet was “a mix of the young pro rider’s needs, a young designer’s creative energy and an engineer’s technical vision.”

Assembled by Hand in France

Each helmet is manufactured in France and assembled by hand with meticulous attention to detail. The outer shell is a polycarbonate used in motorcycle helmets. The inner shell is made of polystyrene with a variable density, which provides a better dissipation of energy caused by impact. An innovative airflow design using hidden channels helps keep the rider’s head cool without the need for large intake vents clearly visible on the outside of the helmets.

Stock and Custom Options

Samshield offers helmets for all disciplines. All stock helmet designs bear the distinctive elegance and technical features on which the brand was founded, but for those who truly wish to express individual style, Samshield offers almost unlimited customization options.