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Samshield® Premium Helmet

Samshield® Premium Helmet

Item #: X1-36552
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Elegant, classic and comfortable, the Samshield® Premium Helmet** marries sophisticated style and advanced technology. The helmet design results in incredible comfort as it exerts no pressure on your forehead. Incredible ventilation occurs as fresh air is channeled through discreet front inlets to the back of the shell where it is expelled, without the need for visible air vents.  

The outer shell is durable, polycarbonate, a material used for, among other things, high-end motorcycle helmets. Alcantara®, a versatile material that is luxurious and water-resistant, covers the outer surface.

An inner shell of polystyrene with variable density offers optimal dissipation of the energy produced on impact. Inside that, a memory foam liner conforms to your head with each ride and won’t compress. It is also removable thanks to a strong snap system, washable and replaceable to allow you to keep your helmet fresh.

Arrives with a soft fabric storage bag with drawstring closure. **ASTM F1163-15/SEI Certified.


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