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Schockemöhle Select Crownpiece

Schockemöhle Select Crownpiece 0044049_1.jpg
Colors/Options: Black/Silver Espresso/Cream Espresso/Silver Royal Oak/Silver

Schockemöhle Select Crownpiece

This Schockemöhle Select Crownpiece is designed with special features at the poll to work ergonomically with the horse’s complicated neck structure, to allow free ear movement and to reduce pressure on the neck.

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Item #: X1-44049
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The anatomically shaped Schockemöhle Select Crownpiece has a unique, narrow poll area that is specially shaped to work with the horse’s complicated neck structure. The design allows the horse unrestricted movement of the ears and helps boost comfort.

Additionally, the pressure in the sensitive area of the neck is significantly reduced by the distinctive cut and the particularly soft padding. The throat latch adjusts on both sides of this single crown.