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SteriHoof has a patented, sting-free formula to kill 99% of infection-causing germs on your horse’s hooves without the use of chlorine. 

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Item #: X1-220454
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SteriHoof kills 99% of infection-causing germs on your horse’s hooves. The patented formula with Podiatine™ is proven to treat thrush, white line, hoof rot and other hoof fungus. A powerful formula, it is ideal for fighting the sources of painful hoof infections without burning or stinging.

Many existing hoof treatments rely on chlorine, an ingredient that can burn, cause fumes and bad reactions. SteriHoof’s Podiatine works without unwanted side effects, and it is easy to use—no soaking required. It goes on neatly with its own applicator brush to reach deep down into crevices where germs can hide.

Recommended by leading veterinarians, SteriHoof has been clinically proven safe and effective. Directions: clean hoof area to be treated to remove all organic matter. Spray SteriHoof liberally into infected areas and scrub with the provided brush. Apply every other day. For tough infections use daily for 7 days. 8 ounces.