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Twenty Four Carrots® Super Food Horse Treats

Twenty Four Carrots®

Twenty Four Carrots® Super Food Horse Treats

Item #: X1-220724
Our Guarantee

Twenty Four Carrots® Super Food Horse Treats are handmade in the USA from premium food-grade, low-glycemic ingredients. Delicious rewards for horses and ponies, these treats present ingredients exactly as nature intended: raw, nutrient-dense and complete. They contain absolutely no GMO’s, byproducts, fillers, soy, corn, molasses or grain.

Twenty Four Carrots selected ingredients to cover a spectrum of nutrients. The main ingredient, chia, was chosen for its positive effects in supporting a healthy immune system, skin and coat, joints, muscles and fertility. Chia is also a natural calming agent. Additional super food ingredients include:

  • Hemp Seeds for a healthy immune system, energy, muscle and cardiovascular health, digestion and a healthy skin and coat.
  • Dandelion, a natural diuretic, detoxifier and liver tonic.
  • Rosehips for healthy hooves, circulation and joint health.
  • Carrots for vision support and an aid to the immune system.
  • Coconut oil as a concentrated source of stable energy; also aids the horse’s immune system and supports gut health.
  • Boiled Apple Cider which contains antioxidants to help protect the body from harmful agents and toxins; also supports the digestive system.
  • Cinnamon (less than 0.5%) to help relax the digestive system, reduces flatulence, stabilize loose droppings, help fight infections and offer an antidiabetic effect.

These are perfectly palatable treats ideal for all horses, including those who suffer from metabolic disorders as they have a low-glycemic index.

Recommended by veterinarians and perfect additions to a conscientious feeding program.

1.4 pounds.