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The Girl on the Dancing Horse

The Girl on the Dancing Horse

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Charlotte Dujardin: The Girl on the Dancing Horse is all about the rider and her charismatic horse, Valegro, who burst onto the international sports scene with their record–breaking performance at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The world was captivated by the young woman with the dazzling smile and her dancing horse.

The YouTube clip of their Freestyle performance has since had over 1.7 million views, and Dujardin is considered the dominant dressage rider of her era. When Valegro (affectionately called “Blueberry”) retired from competition at the end of 2016, his farewell performance at the Olympia Grand Hall sold out, and the dark bay gelding received a standing ovation.

Dujardin began riding horses at the age of two, but dressage was the domain of the rich–not the life a girl from a middle class family was born into. Her parents sacrificed to give her as many opportunities as they could, and she left school at 16 years old to focus on equestrian competition. When she was 22, she was invited to be a groom for British Olympian Carl Hester, and that is when she met the equine partner that would change her future and fortune. Paperback.