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ThinLine® Half Pad


ThinLine® Half Pad

Item #: X1-19642
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Perfect for custom and well-fitting saddles, the ThinLine® Half Pad absorbs 95% of shock with minimal bulk. ThinLine open-cell foam features a layered honeycomb matrix that distributes shock, weight and heat and is 100% breathable. It molds to the horse’s back for a custom fit, then returns to its original shape. It’s low maintenance, nonslip and is so durable it lasts from seven to ten years. Antifungal and antimicrobial properties allow it to be used on multiple horses.

This ThinLine half pad is tailored and discreet, trimmed for a tidy look. The shock absorbing action and stability it provides may help quiet rider movement.


Fits most saddles 16"-17.5".

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