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ThinLine® Sheepskin Comfort Half Pad Trim-to-Fit Shims

ThinLine® Sheepskin Comfort Half Pad Trim-to-Fit Shims

Item #: X1-190446B
Our Guarantee

Made for the ThinLine® Sheepskin Comfort Half Pad, this set of full-length Trim-to-Fit Shims will meet all your saddle shimming needs. Trim them to create a custom pair of front, middle (bridging) and rear saddle fitting shims. As your horse grows and changes, you will have several sets of shims available for fine tuning your saddle fit. 

ThinLine Shims for the Sheepskin Comfort Half Pad are made of the same shock-absorbent ThinLine material used in the saddle pads. They can aid in correcting minor saddle fitting issues. They can be used to fit the saddle on an asymmetrical horse, or to help a saddle that needs lift in the front or back, or that may be slightly too wide. These shims can also be left as a full shim to boost your overall ThinLine comfort and protection without adding lift in any one area.

The most cost-effective and versatile way to shim your pad, ThinLine shims never lose their performance and shock absorption properties. The shims you buy today will last you a lifetime! Each shim packet comes with two shims, one for each side.

Wipe shims clean with water.
In 3/16" and 1/4" thicknesses.