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Tipperary Fit Check Event

Do your own helmet fit check using these tools and get 20% off a Tipperary Helmet- this weekend only!

The team at Tipperary Equestrian has provided valuable information regarding helmet fit and why it's important to check your helmet frequently. Below are their recommended guidelines

Did you know your helmet should be replaced for any of the following reasons?

5 Year Replacement Guideline- Provided by Tipperary
It is recommended that you replace your helmet at least every 5 years, even if it hasn’t been involved in a fall. The 5-year replacement guideline for equestrian helmets begins from the date of purchase, not the date of manufacture. Normal wear and tear, hair spray, cosmetics, exposure to sunlight and heat, certain types of cleaning agents, and sweat are some of the many factors that can contribute to the slow degradation of a helmet, all of which begin to occur from the time the helmet is first worn.

Frequency of Use
While 5 years is the Tipperary Team’s recommended timeframe for replacement, this guideline is dependent on frequency of use and how a helmet is cared for. If you’re spending lots of time in the saddle, riding multiple horses and working up a sweat, you may need to replace your helmet sooner! The more often a helmet is worn and exposed to these conditions, the quicker the degradation can take place. That funky smell we all know too well is a good indication that bacteria has penetrated the softer materials of your helmet. Try swapping out the liner as a first measure, but if the funk is still there, it’s time to replace it!

Fall Related Impacts
This is what helmets are there to protect us from after all! Equestrian helmets are designed to be single impact helmets, if your helmet has been involved in a fall, Tipperary recommends it should be replaced immediately. Did you know Tipperary offers an Accident Replacement Program? The Tipperary Accident Replacement Program allows you to replace a helmet that has been damaged in an accident for 50% off of the regular retail price (plus shipping & handling). This replacement discount is valid for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. (Helmets that have been damaged through misuse or dropping do not qualify.) In order to qualify, you must have completed a Product Registration form online, or have a copy of your receipt with the date of purchase.

Other Kinds of Impacts
Even if your helmet hasn’t been involved in a fall, it is important to note if your helmet has sustained any other impacts. Has your helmet made unintentional contact with the barn floor one too many times? While one drop from a low height may not seriously affect the integrity of your helmet, several drops over time or a higher drop onto a hard surface would certainly affect how well your helmet can protect you moving forward. Tipperary recommends that other forms of impact also effect the integrity of your helmet.

Change in Fit
It is important to make sure your helmet continues to fit you well. Tipperary advises that several factors could contribute to a fit issue over time. For example, if your hairstyle/length has changed over the years, your helmet could be too big or too small vs when you first got it. If you were still growing when you bought your helmet, it could be too small now. A well-worn foam liner can cause a change in how well your helmet fits you. Watch for changes in fit that can be indicated by pressure points, noticeable gaps, or helmet movement/shifting. You may need to replace your helmet and/or helmet liner if you are experiencing any of these changes in fit.

If any of the above circumstances apply to you, we invite you to bring your current helmet into your local Dover Saddlery store or follow our helmet fitting guide tools included here for a condition check. If you do end up needing a new helmet, save 20% off the retail price of a new Tipperary helmet.

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