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Neue Schule Turtle Tilt™ Weymouth with 14mm Mouth 5cm Shank

Neue Schule

Neue Schule Turtle Tilt™ Weymouth with 14mm Mouth 5cm Shank

Item #: X1-010990
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The Neue Schule Turtle Tilt™ Weymouth Bit design addresses the common problem of interference between the curb and bradoon bits. This Weymouth sits forward on the tongue to create a greater degree of separation between the bits. The flattened underside of the Turtle Tilt mouthpiece is held parallel to the tongue, delivering a broad and smooth weight-bearing surface with little bulk between the floor of the mouth and upper palate.

The NS Turtle Tilt mouthpiece design can help clarify rein aids, improve a horse’s comfort and promote sustainable performance. It’s made of Salox® Gold, a high copper alloy specifically formulated to reach rapidly and maintain the temperature of a horse’s mouth. This action encourages softness and relaxed bit acceptance. This attractive metal has anti-tarnishing properties to maintain its luxurious look. 14mm Salox Gold mouthpiece and 5cm stainless steel shanks. Includes curb chain.

Why choose a Neue Schule bit?

Neue Schule’s brand philosophy is, “That which is good for the horse is all that matters.” Their philosophy carries through into all aspects of engineering and producing precision bits. You can rest assured that your Neue Schule bit is designed to promote a harmonious partnership between you and your horse.

Neue Schule’s biologically inert mouthpiece metal, Salox Gold, is designed specifically for horses to maintain the natural warmth and softness of a horse’s mouth. By combining three scientific approaches, Salox supports pacifying and quietening the mouth:

1) High thermal diffusivity (warm). The bit rapidly reaches and maintains mouth temperature so that the mouthpiece does not feel cold for long.

2) Just soft enough. The bit material is softer than tooth enamel to ensure that if a horse bites it, the force is safely, comfortably absorbed into the material rather than reflected onto the teeth. It’s also just soft enough to dampen acoustic waves that would otherwise ring into the horse’s jaw. 

3) Neutral taste. Salox Gold is low in bioactivity. It promotes a quiet, receptive mouth by discouraging the horse to explore the bit for taste. The addition of aluminum in the metal, which forms an insoluble alumina (oxide) coating, traps the metal ions that would create taste.

In-house scientists, engineers and riders conduct all of the brand’s research and development. Neue Schule bits are ergonomically designed using the latest in engineering and CAD technologies. Sizes range from 4" to 6½". Individual molds are made for every ¼" increment to ensure anatomically correct sizing.

Neue Schule Bits are the Official Bit of U.S. Equestrian.