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Total Saddle Fit Stability Stirrup Leathers™

Total Saddle Fit

Total Saddle Fit Stability Stirrup Leathers™

Item #: X1-0654
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Stability Stirrup Leathers™ by Total Saddle Fit feature a wide-body design. It delivers an unprecedented level of stability to a rider’s leg by providing a broader contact area on the saddle flap.

A traditional 1" wide stirrup leather has inherent instability against a saddle flap due to its height-to-width ratio. This either causes the two layers to shift independently of one another or the entire leather to rotate.

The Stability Stirrup Leathers solves the problem by broadening the top layer. The design:

  • Allows for the top layer to have left and right contact points on the flap (traditional leathers do not), which in turn provides an unparalleled level of stability.
  • Offers an unbelievably smooth feeling under the rider’s leg. The wide design smooths the transition from stirrup leather to saddle flap to create a feeling similar to having no stirrup leather under the leg.

A unique combination of materials creates another key benefit of the Stability Stirrup Leather. The wide portion is made from 4mm thick durable and supple buffalo hide; it provides the necessary support for the stirrup leathers to function. The remaining portion is made from ultra-thin nylon webbing wrapped in soft calfskin, which keeps the bulk under the saddle skirt to an absolute minimum.


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