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Vespucci Dressage Double Raised Snaffle Bridle


Vespucci Dressage Double Raised Snaffle Bridle

Item #: X1-120823
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The Vespucci Dressage Double Raised Snaffle Bridle combines elegance with your horse’s comfort. Following an exhaustive study of equine anatomy decades ago, Peter Menet learned where a horse is susceptible to facial pain and injury, which inspired him to reinvent the bridle. The resulting proven design from Vespucci incorporates the biomechanics of a horse in motion, pressure points on the horse’s head and the best way to communicate between rider and horse.

Crafted from quality leather, this bridle features the Resistance Free single crownpiece. Menet based its design on the success of the Amerigo girths, which have no resistance anywhere in the girth area regardless of body shape. The new crownpiece functions in the same way for all shapes and sizes, large or small ears.

This bridle also has a padded browband. The crank noseband with flash has a top-quality buckle fastening, extended padding, padded protection under the jaw and padding on the flash attachment. Anti-pinch protection on the flash strap helps preserve the delicate skin around the horse’s mouth. Double raised panel styling looks distinctive and refined. Reins are sold separately.

Key features:

  • 7/8" wide padded browband.
  • 1 1/2" wide crank noseband with extended padding.
  • Padded flash attachment.
  • 5/8" wide cheeks.
  • Stainless steel hardware.