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Vet-Strider Therapy Boot

Colors/Options: Orange
Vet Way

Vet-Strider Therapy Boot

The reusable Vet-Strider Therapy Boot for horses offers help for addressing a variety of hoof conditions and the occasional lost shoe. 

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Item #: X1-041478
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The Vet-Strider Therapy Boot offers help as an equine poultice boot and for hoof protection in the presence of a lost shoe. This hoof boot is endorsed by veterinarians for use in the presence of a wide variety of hoof conditions such as abscesses, puncture wounds, bruising or cracked hooves.

Fully reusable, it offers robust hoof protection and allows the hoof to breathe. It can be used over wet or dry poultice or on its own to protect the hoof.

The Vet-Strider boot goes on quickly and easily. Simply check the fit, thread the tie through the appropriate band, place the Vet-Strider boot over the hoof and tighten the tie. It is also easy to remove; just cut the tie and slide the boot off the hoof.

Important notes:

  • Use under the direction of a veterinarian or farrier.
  • Only use a Vet-Strider boot over a hoof that has been wrapped for horses that are on stall rest or for hand walking.
  • Use this product only Vet-Strider Ties as they have a predetermined breaking point that loosens in case of emergency.
  • Use caution when walking a horse on wet or slippery surfaces, pavement and concrete.
  • It is not suitable for riding or turnout.


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