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Zandona Carbon Air Balance Junior Fetlock Boots


Zandona Carbon Air Balance Junior Fetlock Boots

Item #: X1-042462
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Made for young jumpers, Zandona Carbon Air Balance Junior Fetlock Boots help defend against collisions and bruises on the hind fetlocks. The anatomic TPU structure of the design has differentiated thickness and a carbon fiber insert for added protection. A permanent magnet used is composed of a highly magnetic alloy of neodymium, iron and boron with nickel coating that is capable of exerting a magnetic flux density of 2600 Gauss.

With help from veterinarians and professional riders, it was found in various tests that the use of this device placed near the muscle-tendon apparatus helps decrease limb fatigue due to an increase in vascular blood flow and lymphatic circulation, with multiple beneficial effects.

The benefits caused by increased vascular blood flow and by the magnetic polarization, ascertainable on horses as humans, are anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, bone and joint articulation strengthening and acceleration of the process of toxins expulsion and the absorption of muscles lactic acid. These benefits may help lead to the improvement of movement and jumping performance of the horse. Pair.

Made in Italy.
Wash by hand with warm water and mild soap. Dry flat.
50% polyurethane/35% neoprene/10% polyester/5% PVC.